If time could wrinkle itself from when my son was 10 to now, 23 years later, I see a responsible and independent young man who has a good job that he loves and a girlfriend he cares for very much. He maintains his own household, pays his own bills, owns and insures his own car and does all the things that, when he was 10 I wondered he would accomplish. It is a different perspective, especially seeing him so generous and caring of another. It affects entirely the person he is and continues to become. Oh, he and I still remember funny things that happened, lines from movies we saw that were special to us, adventures, and terrific storms we weathered, both natural and emotional. But all that is now in the past. I have become more a memory in his life and hope to share some aspect of his future someday, in some way.

As for me, becoming the person God created now on my own, I am working more at listening for God’s still, small voice. I am seeking the Holy Spirit’s voice in my heart. I am still trying to apply more what I am learning and understanding now to what is important, not so much what I learned as a child and very young woman because in those days I created personas I thought I ought to be. Now I am peeling away the layers I painted and applied to find who is underneath. Once completely unearthed I hope to be in a better place where I can walk forward and be useful, be pertinent, be a part of something that makes life better.