When you are afraid, do the thing you are afraid of and soon you will lose your fear of it.

~Norman Vincent Peale

Is courage an offshoot of freedom, or is freedom an offshoot of courage? Can either exist without the other? I don’t think so. Freedom isn’t something that is freely available. It has to be attained and maintained. Look at the natural world., Even vines fight each other for valuable real estate. If one wants more it simply grows over the other and strangles it. If it is a parasitic vine it lives off the life of its host plant until the host dies, then it moves on to the next host. Intervention is only by another, stronger vine or a human with sharp shears.

Animals mark their territories. They guard and defend them until a stronger invader marauds the current occupant and overcomes. This happens with creatures from wolves to hummingbirds. Put a new feeder out for these tiny birds and watch the battles, until the victor emerges and vigilantly defends that feeder, swooping and squealing, diving to protect its newly-claimed food source. So what makes it so difficult for people? Do we just think we won’t ever experience real threats? Those threats are certainly real in tiny Israel. We need to value the gifts we have and be strong to protect them.