Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.
~Peter Drucker

So 10 days ago my faithful, oft-abused pc died. It was a quiet, peaceful death. No rattles, wheezing of the cooling mechanism, sputtering, flashing lights– no drama. It just died. The little “on” light appeared but clearly the mother board was no longer paying attention. I received an email from my favorite pc manufacturer (HP- because my dad liked them) and bought a new one. And waited for FedEx to carefully hand-deliver it. Which they did, yesterday. I tenderly, gently unboxed it, slowly and gently removed the peripherals, keyboard and mouse from the now-deceased Pavilion and hooked up my new 110. The monitor was not wide enough so, not initially realizing this I called for help. Here is where I expected the worst and received a grace and helpfulness far beyond what I could ever have hoped. The young man took in all my rantings and reminded me that my monitor had controls which would enable me to adjust what the pc broadcast so I could see the entire screen. He did not have to go any further. But he did. He talked me through the registration screen, the naming screen, the password screen, all the way to the Windows 8 Start page. I was overwhelmed. I don’t think I have ever been treated so kindly, with such patience and true helpfulness. And this by a 24-year-old. They have absolutely no patience for anyone over the age of 30. Without revealing my specific age, suffice to say I have a son who is older than this young man. It may have been his training and he just paid more attention, but I think this person is going far in his life. He is making the most out of his current position as if it were the best and most important job on the face of the Earth which, to me at the time, it was. If more people would treat their jobs and others they encounter as this young man treated me we will eliminate much of the problems we have, and a lot of the ulcer diagnoses. Take note, you young (and not-so-young). People matter. What they think, what they need, matters. You matter.