Though there has not been, to my knowledge, any formal debate on whether or not dogs have souls I will never understand how anyone who has a soul himself can not believe that dogs do not as well.They have moods, they clearly have preferences as to foods, toys and persons. These can certainly be considered instinct, but on what is instinct based? Is it genetic? Is it only intuitive? Clearly their sense for goodness is not learned, but can be unlearned as anyone who knows of the brutality of dog fighting is aware. Has anyone ever seen a puppy that is a monster? No. After a puppy is weaned it wants companionship and to give love and be playful. This search for and pleasure in joy and companionship is not animal-based. If it were we would all have natures that could not aspire to reason, to wisdom. Perhaps it is arguable that dogs have no sense of reason but I have known plenty of dogs who, having encountered a skunk are wary of them afterward. I also have known a few (not many, mercifully) individuals who continually “push the envelope”. Maybe not by putting their hand on a hot stove burner more than once, but venture too many times into places where even angels fear to tread. No, I think in many cases dogs are smarter than people. Sadly, though they know they need us for many things after they become parts of our heart and home, consider this: to what family member would we deny the same?