It is said that sometimes loved ones send messages shortly after their passing to those left behind. If this is true then I can believe that is what my mother gave me the 3 nights after her death. She and I had been very close through most of my teen and college-aged years but following my divorce all my relationships could best be described as on and off. Mom and I had been in one of the off phases when she had 3 heart attacks in a span of 2 weeks. The 3rd one took her from this earthly plane and the bottom fell out of my life. The first night after her death she appeared in my dream and, with her eyes closed, only allowing me to see her face and head, talked to me all night in this dream. For the life of me I could not remember (and still can’t) any of what she said. The second night she was atop a high pinnacle, pointing to her left arm, saying “I hurt”. The third night she was surrounded by thousands of laughing, joyful children and I had never seen her look so purely happy.

My dad took a bit longer to send me his message, maybe a month, six weeks. In my dream of Dad, he appeared as he had looked as a much younger man, sparkling eyes, trim, without the characteristic limp he’d been burdened with since falling off a mountain in his home of Colorado as a teenager. He asked me to dance. He’d always loved to dance. I was thrilled and ran to my closet to choose the perfect dress to wear. I couldn’t decide on one! So I found 3, put them all on, one over the other, then rushed out to meet him for my dance with him. He was gone! I looked everywhere, asked people I saw, no one knew of him. How I cried when I realized he had gone, I had missed my dance.

I do not know the significance or even the validity of these dreams. Maybe they mean nothing at all. But to me, at the time, they brought me great comfort. I saw my parents, each in turn, at their happiest, free of the encumbrances of pain and sickness, in the element of what they each loved best. And I continue to dream of them, occasionally.