Typically something everyone looks forward to. Something where, for a specified time,  life is carefree, happy, no worries. No one brings cares or worries along on a vacation, right? Everyone looks forward to a time to rest, relax, catch up on some sleep, catch up with friends or family members they’ve not seen. Of course. This is what is hoped. No one worries about fat grams, curfews, schedules, appointments, illness… nothing, right? This is assuming all components to the vacation are good, that they work well together, get along. Even if they don’t, hey, it’s vacation, right?? Who cares about what you left at home! That’s why you went on vacation. In fact, you don’t think at all. You aren’t meant to think. You are on vacation from thoughts, demands, yourself if necessary. Time, hours, days stretch before you in an endless horizon (oxymoron alert- a horizon by nature is its own end). Nothing is “out there”, nothing to trap you, to remind you that you forgot, to interrupt you. There are no interruptions because there are no plans! Life unfolds as it naturally would with no restrictions, no hindrances, no encumbrances. Love the days, the hours, the food, the people, the smells, the sounds, the warmth, the laughter, the beauty of it all.

It’s a vacation.