So a few months ago I thought I would list my house FSBO and look for a smaller house or maybe a condo or townhouse closer to my church, friends, volunteering. No idea how something so simple could turn so wretched. Print slick brochures, great pictures, low asking price. Clean house, take pictures off walls, spackle, paint, everything but my kitchen has been upgraded just about- new roof, all new flooring: hardwoods, tile, carpet in guest bedrooms. New a/c compressor, water heater, fence repaired, new waterproofing and vents under the house, termite inspection, no termites. That part was easy. The hard part? All those people who jet in from some alien galaxy that programs them to refuse to pay earnest money, calls every day several times a day making demands. Stuff realtors never tell you they have to deal with. Things change. When I sold a condo in the mid-90s it wasn’t like this. The 3rd person who saw it agreed to my asking price, a week later I’d found a place to move, the closing attorney handled both. Done. So I took the sign out of my yard and still have people asking about it. It’s a nice house and certainly doesn’t need much done at this point. Everything works (so far– knock wood): kitchen appliances, furnace. At this point pretty low maintenance. I already did everything else. It’s got pretty landscaping, irrigation (that I never use). The market is even cooperating. But all the boxes I had packed and stacked in my 2-car garage were starting to collapse on each other. I hadn’t even packed any books, just everything else. So I unpacked everything. Now it’s too much to think about packing up again! Pictures stacked against the walls– I haven’t the heart to rehang them. Even my kitchen appliances- electric can opener, most utensils, toaster- are still put away. Ok, so it’s easy to go without toast or find another way (oven works), but that can opener? The manual one doesn’t quite grab the rim of a can the same. And as for coffee, I use a French press. I made lousy coffee in the coffeemaker anyway. Maybe I’ll get a head of steam up come winter when it’s cold and I’m mostly inside. We’ll see. I do not give up on projects easily. But I’m definitely thinking of listing with a realtor. Let them deal with the buyers. I won’t even need to be home.