So I went to one of these yesterday, given by a Congressman I did vote for. Not sure what a thing like that would be like with a legislator I didn’t vote for. Standing room only. The amazing thing to me was how many people were there who did not agree with the congressman. And they were vocal. He limited the meeting to 90 minutes, spoke himself for about 30 minutes outlining his own priorities, thoughts on America, particularly the astounding and ever-rising debt, the present administration. Pretty fair, I thought. Gave each attendee a folder (on all-recycled paper) with current bills, bills he supports, co-sponsors, information on the healthcare act that’s so controversial.

After his comments he opened the floor to the audience with about 3 or 4 of his aides holding microphones, questions limited to one minute which didn’t happen. Out of, say, 25 questions, 5 were hecklers, 8 were anti-conservative, one was more or less commentary of his own stance and ideas and the remaining were from people who were former military, worried about healthcare, America, polarization, impeachment of the president. I noted one Black gentleman in the entire room. Probably divided pretty equally between men and women.

Through it all the congressman remained calm, well-informed, pleasant, polite and only once or twice asked for respectful behavior. He appeared strong, convicted, realizing that presently there may be many things going on in our country we do not like or agree with but that it is still resilient. There is still hope for redemption, correction, renewal and growth.


For this cynic, I was encouraged.