This word immediately evokes thoughts brinking on magic, something superhuman, supernatural, beyond understanding. Probably because they are but for me they are also protection, heroic, something God will do just at the point I think the darkness is going to overcome the light of that tiny candle and snuff it out. I cannot imagine a darkness so impenetrable that even the slightest glimmer (hope) cannot penetrate it. Today we need miracles, I think, more than ever. But can we be instruments to encourage the actual happening of a miracle? I think we can.

Look at how many times doctors have given a patient over to beyond help and the patient has miraculously healed. It wasn’t necessarily an anomaly of science or nature. Or something simple yet incredibly inexplicable as the refraction of light through a drop of water or a prism. The brilliant magnification of clear and pure color sprayed across a moistened sky or the wall of your home.

There are those times when, despite all our meager efforts, the human spirit has sunk to a place where it appears hopeless and devoid of rescue or enlightenment. Just at that point Someone smiles, our dim darkness is lifted and we soar beyond the boundaries of our captivity. Oh, our circumstances may not have changed, but our spirit is renewed and light has returned to our souls.

A light that can not, will not be extinguished.


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