Misery loves company (… and it’s never their fault …)

You know, I feel really sorry for unhappy people. And I don’t mean those who are down on their luck, unemployed, childless, alone, sick or facing unimaginable challenges. I mean those people who seem to have it all, who have the great house, kids, marriage, club membership, education, substantial income, car, maybe a boat… and they still cannot find something (or things) to be grateful for. They take it all for granted. It’s never enough. They find things wrong with everything and most other people. Nothing’s ever right. These people are soul vampires, I’m telling you. Stay around them too long and the life will drain right out of your blood.

I have worked with people like this. I have met people like this at parties, while traveling, or just even in the grocery store. They are neighbors, they can be anywhere. And you can’t tell them anything. There is no amount of positive news, or sensible advice or future hope that will affect them in any way. Not sure what to do about them, almost as if they try to put you down in that abysmal pit with them. Maybe they think if they can do that they will have something to use to climb out themselves. Then what?? There you are, down in all that muck. But you know what? The muck wasn’t yours to begin with so, *poof*! It disappears. You have your life back. Or rather, you never lost it, you just put it out on loan for a while, but since it wasn’t used you get it back. Or even if it was used, it’s still yours.

You know, it’s just so much easier to say “Thank you.”


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