My son is without question, unparalleled for a young man his age, in generosity. I am not saying this because I am his mother and want the reflected accolades, nor because I am very proud of him, which I am. He truly is a very giving person. Let there be contention over who pays what for dinner and he’ll foot the whole bill. And he doesn’t do this to be well-thought of or praised, or just to settle the dust. Well, maybe some of the dust-settling. And he’s not a fool with his money. He is very careful. Just generous.

And it’s not just with his money. He’s generous with his time. He will help anyone with anything if it is in his power or expertise to do so. Last winter he came home for a few days at Christmas and transferred my entire iTunes library to a hard drive so he could install it on my laptop when my pc was dying. It took over 3 hours and he was exhausted from his job and traveling. But he did that because he knew I needed it.

He did not get this from me. We had a few very lean years when he was growing up and I worked sometimes 3, 4 jobs. We had a promise jar we put change in for a future splurge (one year it paid for us to see the Harlem Globetrotters. That was cool). Occasionally I would mix up a batch of tuna for sandwiches or to spread on crackers and store it in the fridge. One afternoon he was unfortunate enough to find this tuna. I do not recall what exactly I said, or the sound level I used, but to this day he will not eat tuna stored in the refrigerator. I feel terrible about this.

And when he moved my iTunes music to my laptop he added a few tracks I did not have before: mostly from film scores, and one that is very special to me. Not just because it is music to one of my favorite movies, Dave Barry’s “Big Trouble”.

It is titled “Ninja Tuna” (c) by Mr. Scruff.




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