I am taking an Economics class, online, through a college in Michigan. My dad was an economist and one of the most level-headed, wise and sensible people I have ever known. And very generous of heart. Though I do not pretend to become as he, I am learning something about free markets and why they are better for promoting liberty and prosperity for all people.

For instance, one thing that makes benevolence work is the freedom to give. Or not. Take that away and what happens is someone else gives your money for you. Therein lies a gross imbalance. Say for instance your primary focus (assuming you are a benefactor) in giving is to those who are truly unable to support themselves. I don’t mean here those people that have figured out ways to exploit welfare or other entitlement systems (which are nothing more than holding tanks for our hard-earned tax revenues), but those who have been disabled, or simply fell through a crack somehow and you want to support them. Well, what if some central entity got control of your means of serving these people and decided they wanted to give it to a faction other than those whom you support? You likely would not like it. It happens even now through spending of our tax revenue, revenue from tax on corporate revenue production, etc.

Take corporations. They are not evil in and of themselves, nor are so-called rich people. But find a few who some determine only give a small percentage of their wealth and their perceived selfishness is blanketed to anyone who has money. Is that fair? Where do you think your money comes from if you have a 401K, a savings account or an IRA or any other interest-bearing funds? Those funds are invested in these corporations, bonds or money funds that bring more money and help your retirement funds grow, thereby giving you more money to spend as you choose, if allowed to be productive in a free society.

So liberty, the freedom to give, abundantly, begrudgingly or not at all, the freedom to receive interest from investments, the freedom to spend or to save. The freedom to tell someone else, no, I choose to give to something other than what you wish to use my funds for, the freedom for individual preference. 

In no way do I pretend to be an economist, but I choose liberty.

Matthew 25:15-30


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