They’re so smart, that they aren’t

Have you ever known anyone, even when truth is right in their face, they stubbornly stick to what they believe is the truth? Won’t even consider the plausibility of anything else. Have you ever seen anyone who, because of their own envy, bitterness, fear or whatever refuses to give credibility or even value to a kindness or a good thing said or done because they would have to concede that kindness or goodness to someone else? Or even that it was something they wish they’d done or said but did not because they can’t see past their own self-inflicted limits?  Even though that deed, that kind word, that act was no more than an offering of generosity or hope which requires no pay-back, no applause?

I don’t get it. To me people who are so wrapped up in their own selves, their own (generally) imagined walls they miss everything. They speak of tolerance, they rail against what they think is lack of acceptance yet they cannot see beyond their own intolerance! It doesn’t make any sense.

Reality check?

Take the Values Voter Summit. Several legislators spoke of the integrity of America. The principles and values America was founded upon. Justice, equality, pursuit of happiness, fairness, our freedoms. And yet the Huffington Post said the gathering was pitiable. Worse still the Washington Post avowed those at the summit claimed to “own God”.

Own God?

Were they speaking of the Creator of all mankind, all that is, seen and unseen? The God who loves each individual being on the face of the Earth whether they love, or even believe in, Him or not?

Nobody can own God! What a silly thing to say. I can’t even imagine what prompted anyone to perceive this.

God cannot be bought, sold out, manipulated, coerced, flummoxed, deceived, or fooled.

But those who know Him, His love, grace, peace and truth do know that God owns us in our freely giving our wills to Him. And humbly asking Him to forgive us. His Son Jesus died for us and overcame sin, death and hell for us by rising to life from that horrible crucified death. He owns us in our believing this about Jesus: that, because He died for us, all of us, in the place we deserved to be as the sinners that we are, by His own grace, even the worst of our sins are forgiven. We know and believe this of Him.

So we humbly spit out pride. We seek Him. We find and revel in His grace, forgiveness, and love. We praise Him.

Own God? 

2 Chronicles 7:14


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