A diamond in a dewdrop

Probably everybody has seen this, usually early morning before the dew has dried on the grass. But sometimes on a bright sunny day the sparkle seems more brilliant than other days. I know the reason this happens- the light’s refraction creates a prism and reflects a shinier dot of water. I know the way the words are strung together to explain the phenomena that is light. But still, something escapes me.

Some part of the mystery I think we are not meant to know, just to enjoy.

There it was, shining bright as a diamond. A splash of brilliance with a tiny prism, shimmering and changing its color as I moved incrementally. Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet but even the words don’t cleverly or fully describe what I saw. 

It’s like I said, you can describe, explain, clarify, define, elucidate, prove, and give evidence to, but knowing the why or the how does not in any way diminish the miracle of it. Who could imagine beyond science that the so-called properties of a tiny water droplet when shined on by the sun could produce such a magnificent display?

Not only does it nourish its life-givingness but it gives beauty. More nourishment.

A true gift.


2 thoughts on “A diamond in a dewdrop

  1. Very well described feelings when experiencing one of God’s many “miracles”, whether it be a single dewdrop or a rainbow across the sky. Add to that His gift of our sight, yet another “miracle”.

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