Wing Haven

Wing Haven Gardens is a relatively understated pocket of beauty and serenity in Charlotte, NC. It was not originally intended to be a public garden, but as the homeowners built their home on the first acre of land, they gradually acquired more property so that now the garden contains nearly 3 acres within its brick walls. Word of the Clarkson couple and their beautifully planned garden spread and people began to be invited to visit, and school buses with children who had never seen such a place before also came to see.

To a gardener this is a well-known, frequently visited place. Mrs. Clarkson originally designed it for the songbirds and wildlife it would provide homes and food for. This is long before Earth Days or habitat- and ecology-conscious people were about. Mrs. Clarkson invited the birds (and ducks, rabbits and chipmunks) into her home as well. She raised a family of orphaned blue birds in her home and they freely came and went. The formal herb gardens, bricked pathways and occasional statuary or plaque with an apt quote provide for human wanderers as well.

Anyone with a weary soul, a broken heart or even just tired feet finds solace there. You might find yourself gazing upward into the lofty boughs of an enormous tulip poplar, or the ample canopy of red oak, or following the erratic dash of a squeaking chipmunk. Or simply sitting on a bench under a cool arbor on a hot summer morning, listening to the birdsong and gentle splash of a fountain close by.

As many things of nature, it is a wonder and it invites you to be enveloped in its soft spring embrace, autumn change or quiet wintry chill.


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