Thought, at what price?

I seldom watch news programs and if I do it is generally Fox News. I believe they broadcast with a relevance that is more truth, and that is important to me.

Yesterday there was a very short blurb this group called “Freedom From Religion Foundation”: is promoting this December called Take Christ out of Christmas or something like that. They heartily promote the winter solstice where celebrating nature is expected. I visited their website out of curiosity and was surprised to find they view themselves as free thinkers. Oddly enough this belief is held true only if one agrees with their way of thinking.

At the bottom of their site’s home page are shown some examples of free thinkers, among them Thomas Paine. This man failed at nearly everything he attempted but with the help of Benjamin Franklin was brought to America. He is most famous perhaps for his 2 writings, “Common Sense” and “The Age of Reason”. It is this latter work the FFRF dwells heaviest upon as Paine decried the very Creator that enabled him his freedom to live, in liberty, in the fledgling America. He left, avoiding the Revolution, and was later rescued from imprisonment in Paris by Thomas Jefferson and brought back to America, voluntarily, where he died, friendless.

First of all, there is no Christmas without Christ. He has been the guiding light and force of all that we hold important. To not see this is to have become so hardened and self-absorbed as to misunderstand the entire purpose of His coming to save us.

Celebrate nature, revel in the bountiful goodness of that which the soil produces to feed and nourish. But if you are thankful at all how can it be gratitude to anything other than its Creator?

Thomas Paine:


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