Oh, Christmas Tree, updated

So I have since learned that there are many uses for Christmas trees once they are restored to their natural, unadorned state. They are used in lakes, ponds and streams as havens and habitat for fish and aquatic life; they are collected and shredded for mulch which is then recycled into nourishment for public and private land; one person told of using them as fodder for his goatherd; a local tiger sanctuary in NC collects them for toys the tigers love to play with; and yet another neighbor showed how her children stand the tree in their backyard after Christmas and re-decorate it with pine cones rolled in suet or peanut butter, then rolled in birdseed and watch the birds enjoy their treats through the winter.

I guess my concern was more toward the attitude with which we so casually cast off this thing of beauty that we admired for so short a time. I guess it’s all a part of moving forward, forgetting that which is behind.

But could we not cast off the things of our past a little more gently, if not find a way to keep them in some fashion still useful? We are all a part of where we have been, aren’t we?

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