Triple Negative Reversal

My friend about whom I wrote several months ago with triple negative breast cancer… she started to respond to her chemo in late October, her oncologist said her tumors were shrinking. We rejoiced with her, as hopeful as she that one day we would again see her walk into our church giving God (and His guidance to good doctors and treatments and nursing) all glory.

Just before Christmas suddenly my friend could not walk. No motor ability in her legs. So she went to hospital in an ambulance. Another scan. More tumors, brain tumors. So the day after Christmas she underwent aggressive radiation treatments. Hope again. More prayers. Then just a week ago an email asking more prayer as they deliberated over seeking hospice.

Now, as at the beginning, requests for meals only this time it is not the beginning. It is waiting for the angel of the Lord, the angel of death, an angel of any kind to bring my friend her final comfort, the comfort only one who has gone through unimaginable pain in treatments, upheld astronomic hope of life restored, and felt cataclysmic defeat, resignation, that all her efforts, all the efforts of those who love her and her family and prayed and hoped and believed, were for nothing? NO. Through all this, though we may be losing someone of great value to us, He has been with her, with us through all of this, and will be with us still. Why didn’t He save her? Why didn’t the ghastly invasive and thoroughly unkind chemicals kill the bad cells? I don’t know. Nobody knows. The cancer was too aggressive, too insidious. The treatments did not start soon enough. A cell mutated, morphed into something evasive of the worst of the chemical poisons ravaging my dear friend’s body and grew despite them. And a million more answers.

A family will be without a wife, a mother, a grandmother. But her life was not for nothing. She lived it, she loved it and those she bore, or knew and loved, loved her . And her God, in Whom she has undying faith, loves her and will be with her as He has always been, every step of her coming Home.


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