Squirrels, chipmunks and other such diversions

One of my dog Lily’s favorite pastimes in summer is to lie on our deck at the top of the stairs and watch the backyard vigilantly for squirrels. They have learned if they hang from their hind toes upside-down on the sunflower seed feeder they can easily get the bounty of seeds, peanuts and cranberries in there. They are not stupid, either. When Lily has decided her still presence has been camouflaged by her lack of movement she will stealthily rise and slowly creep down the stairs. I have noticed there is usually another squirrel, or two, at the base of the feeder and when Lily starts her run in earnest the squirrels each race to a different tree, leaving Lily in a dire quandary as to which one to pursue. Having satisfied herself that the squirrels are safely treed she starts her search for the moles that dig in the soft earth below the feeders. She will stand, head cocked, listening intently for their motions below. And yes, she has occasionally brought one to the surface and if I am not quick enough, dispatched it handily.

The rabbits that eat the tender grass sprouted by same birdseed are usually only about in the early mornings. Lily knows these are too fast for her but she will every so often give chase just to keep her hand (paw) in. And the chipmunks she looks for by their panicky squeaks, having gnawed the bark off the lower foot of two small trees being certain they live in the hollowed out cavity.

We also have the occasional possum and skunk. The possums she will stand off, curious about the angry hissing as she confronts it. The skunk mercifully Lily has not encountered.

It’s only May but it feels like summer is here

Did I miss Spring? Something so all-consuming, the pain of my Murphy loss and I missed an entire section of a year?

The greening of a lawn… tiny miniatures of oak leaves, silvery-shining in their infancy as trees awaken. A luna moth drops from its chrysalis onto a forgotten splice of driveway, warming its wrinkly, vermilion gold wings into sun-strength.

Peeper frogs give procession to the dawning chorus of birdsong as sun defrosts a newly soft earth. Spiderlings take flight on tiny gossamer parachutes from their newly-hatched egg-webs. A succulent smell of honey suckle streams into the air lifting early springlike nuance and burgeoning trees lazily fill the blue sky gaps with growing leaves. Once-sparse ground white snows of clover blossoms and leaves, vinings and tendrils stretching their sleepy stems across the forest floor. Dandelions and daffodils nodding bright cheer from the sun. Gentle rains puddling drops to hibernate-thirsty roots and swelling streams.

And finches, red-wine dipped color over their lovely faces and throats, the hummers buzzing again, squeaking territorial disputed life. Tiger swallowtails, flitting aimlessly, flaunting delicate yellow streaks with black, boldly circling the new air.

Yes, this year I saw.

Something to think about

Reblogged on friendwise.wordpress.com. “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” –Sun-tzu

Just Cruisin 2


There has been a lot of talk about where our current
president beliefs are founded. Some say that the new
breed of politicians, including the president, follow
the Communist Manifesto. Others mention Saul Alinsky.

But as happens sometimes, to make a better story and
engage the readers, the truth gets stretched a bit.
In his book “Rules for Radicals”, Alinsky spoke of
power tactics. Here is his list of those rules:

Always remember the first rule of power tactics: Power
is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks
you have.

The second rule is: Never go outside the experience of
your people. When an action is outside the experience
of the people, the result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

The third rule is: Wherever possible go outside the
experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion,
fear, and retreat.

The fourth rule is: Make the…

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