It’s amazing how resilient things in nature are, and nature in general for that matter. Some mornings Lily and I go out for our run before sunrise. That way I get my exercise totally unseen by anyone else unless they too are sweating, panting, before-dawn runners. When we do run then the little toads are still warming themselves on the asphalt greenway which held warmth from the previous day. Lily loves these. She likes making them hop and when they stop, hoping she will go away and leave them alone she gently paws at them until they hop away again so she can continue giving chase. It’s a game to her. When they stop and really ignore her she loses interest. Or if I decide she’s pawed a toad one too many times and pick it up. She backs away from it knowing at one end is an extremely bitter-tasting, saliva froth-inducing liquid that she wants no part of. So the little toad sits in the warm palm of my hand until I think she has moved on to better things and I can put it down.

We see many interesting things on those runs actually. Bats circling overhead though not as many now as we used to see. Sometimes the moon is just coming up or just going down. A sprinkling of fading stars. Often with a full moon there are odd shadows and eerie reflections that give me pause but on investigating I’ll see it was a remnant pool from recent rainfall or a long vine moving in a breeze. Funny though walking the same path later in full sun how different things appear when you can actually see what they are.

Same thing with people. In business you talk to someone on the phone, get to know them, their families. You create an image of how you think they appear from what they’ve said or how they sound. Then if you actually ever see them how different sometimes they appear, or how exactly like what you’d imagined.

Only they aren’t toadies. Or bats. Not usually. You hope.