No place like home… if you can find it

So my 2 weeks’ sojourn into the housing market was nipped in the bud of an offer on a house when my dog pulled a muscle. She is frequently impatient with my occasional dalliances on our walks, or choice of direction and springs into the air to try to wrest the leash-handle from my hand. This time she twisted in a very wrong way, yelped, and could no longer do the 16-step staircase walk up to our little beach rental. So we returned to my current house-in-residence, while en route my realtor phoned to tell me the house I had liked very much and was working up an offer for had had an offer made that very morning. I am not one to get into a bidding war, so we agreed to let things cool a bit, my dog heal, and resume at a later time. Consequently I lost the 2nd weeks’ rent for the little beach place, and my dog’s vet said she does not think Lily did any serious damage, gave her pain pill and anti-imflammatory prescriptions with instructions to cut the pain pills in half if they were too much.

One day’s dosage: Lily staring at me, catatonic. Second day I cut the pain pills in half as directed and Lily appears to be none the worse for pain and her alert self so we stuck with this regimen.

We return to her vet this week for a re-check. Not sure at which point I might make a new foray into the burgeoning housing market. I like this little town because it has a nice, slow pace, is small enough to be close to everything yet large enough to have options and it is a seaport. What with everything going on in this country, no, the world, these days somehow being near to the ocean has a clean and safe feel to it.


2 thoughts on “No place like home… if you can find it

  1. Thank you! She felt good enough to chase a stray cat yesterday, then regretted it today. Her vet put her on a new course of meds for 2 more weeks, took xrays but does believe it is a pulled muscle.

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