I am probably one of the clutziest people around. I can be in a wide open space and somehow fall over the only fencepost or stumble over a smooth sidewalk. Learning to ice skate was terrifying but I loved it once I got it. Horseback riding was no problem because I wasn’t doing any of the work. And I really love horses. They are very smart, take no guff from anything or anybody. You know where you stand with a horse, he either likes you or he doesn’t.

I am also, as I get older, way too outspoken. It may be a matter of my mouth running ahead of my brain, or maybe part of my brain tries to out-think the part that really wants to use discretion, for the sake of time. Whatever, I say way too many things that I truly wish I could say differently or even not say at all. Sadly, as we all know once something is said it’s there. You can’t unsay it, the vibrations, they say, float around in the air forever. Somebody once told me even George Washington’s voice is still somewhere in the atmosphere. After all these years I can only imagine how distorted that would sound.

Anyway maybe I’m not alone in this. I hope not. But I wish I were more careful about what I say or even how I say it. That can make a difference in total meaning as anybody knows who’s seen that thing where people move commas around in a phrase. Makes the whole thing mean something else entirely.

For that matter as far as it goes I guess letting things roll off our backs is probably the best thing. At least that way something somebody said that could potentially annoy us we can just let it go.

So I guess grace is a handy thing to have either on the receiving or the giving end.

2 Corinthians 12:9


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