Middle of the road

Lily, my lovely husky-mix rescue, loves to walk down the middle of the road on her walks. Maybe she likes to smell where the occasional flattened squirrel was. We have sidewalks. Only on 1 side of the road except the cul-de-sacs where there are no sidewalks. (Do you know that cul-de-sac is fancy French for “bottom of the bag”?? Probably people just don’t like “dead-end”). Good thing we do not have a lot of traffic in this subdivision and the speed limit is only 25, not that many people honor that. There are also some streets with speed bumps. And sidewalks. Someone I used to walk with before they moved once told me asphalt streets feel softer to dogs than concrete sidewalks. I guess so, maybe in the summer when they start to melt since they’re basically tar and gravel, but then they are also very hot, except I only walk Lily before sunrise and after dark in summer. She has a very thick coat and I think dogs that get shaved for summer look pretty funny.

Where we are moving has no sidewalks at all. The neighborhood is very small so maybe that’s why. And it is considered outer banks which surprises me since it’s almost near Southport, pretty far south. But I also have to carry special wind/hail insurance. They occasionally get hurricanes there. At least it isn’t in a flood zone.

There is a 12-acre nature trail in this new neighborhood. Lily loves the greenway where we are now, the toads in the summer and rabbits. She knows the toads can’t be caught because of their toxin, so she just chases them until they stop hopping. She loves chasing rabbits but they don’t often give her a good chase, they bounce away before she can get close enough to make it interesting.

Odd to me, moving to a place where I do not know anyone or for family, or a job, just for me and for no other reason than I would like to live there.

Pretty radical I guess, at my age.


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