Happy trails

So the movers arrive Monday to load all these cartons, crates and boxes I have been carefully packing and repacking for the past 2 years, and I will load my car with remaining orchids, tax records and assorted other stuff and drive 3 hours east. How is it that one person can have so much? I cleaned out everything the first time I packed 2 years ago, then again when I unpacked, then again when I repacked a few months ago. I don’t understand why it is so hard to let go of things I honestly have no use for and do not know I even have.

I will go through everything again when I unpack, again.

I do know where my computer is, am typing this on a laptop. No idea when I will next be at a keyboard. The canyons and caverns of boxes piled throughout my house and in the garage, the landscape of my house has changed to where I hope not to have to get up in the night for any reason because I can’t recall what I have put where. I have many new bruises, kneecaps down.

Lily is stalwart. She keeps her rawhide chews and a few select toys in a careful heap on one of her beds. She fastidiously guards any new chews I give her that she does not eat right away. Things she knew their whereabouts suddenly disappear. Things I knew suddenly disappear. I cannot remember moving or packing some very important things- the telephone, which is not on the counter where it always was, so if I mislay my cell phone I do not have a house phone to call it so I can find it. I do know where my tooth and hair brushes are, but I am very sorry for not wearing shoes against my better judgment rummaging in the garage and dropping a part of a cast iron hibachi on my foot.

Too bad it is raining today, and snow is predicted Monday.

Maybe the forecasters will be wrong.

I hope so.


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