This is a great market, some say it is a seller’s market. People are buying again, even building. In my case I am having a lot of bargain hunters look at my house. I am becoming slightly crabby over this.

Don’t get me wrong, this house is in a wonderful neighborhood, it is much in demand especially with young people, new parents, couples. But I do not like to think I lived in a starter home, much as I did not want to know I was a starter wife, which it turned out, I was. Bummer, well, could have been bummer if my ex-husband and I had really been what I thought- inseparably made for each other, which after a year or two I realized we clearly were not.

But this house. Ok, so since my ownership in 2009 I did give it a new 30-year architectural-style roof, tore out the (original-from 1992!) carpet and put in all hardwood -red oak- floors except the 2 guest beds which I replaced with carpet, new water heater, air conditioner compressor, new insulated, low-e (whatever that is) windows, tiled floors in baths, replaced the garbage disposer and garage door motor, crawl space waterproofing and more. All of which was done within the past 4-5 years. The snag appears to be the kitchen. I did not follow this rage going on and redo my kitchen. Why should I? Everything still works fine! And the countertops, though original are still pristine. I somewhat do regret not replacing these and realize if I had at least replaced those countertops the kitchen would appear newer but I do not like to deceive. And what if I chose something nobody but me liked?

The issue with passing on offers is the unknown– will there be any more? If there are will they be better than the last? No house wants to be the last one standing at the dance. The listing has only been live for 15 days and the agency/agent is very good- Sotheby’s, so the exposure this house is getting is local, national and international and it is beautifully (and accurately) portrayed. And I have told my agent that I need for her to let me know if she thinks I am being unreasonable. She has said she thinks I am not being unreasonable.

So far that is.

So even though I have no sentimental or emotional attachment to this house I do want its sales price to be worthy of it while at the same time being fair.

Fair to one I have found is a steal, or highway robbery, to another.

Romans 12:12, Galatians 5:22


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