Birthdays and Car Wrecks

My son is 35 today. He is also in San Antonio at an electronic gaming conference where his company is launching the game he sweat blood over the past year and a half creating. So I told him to just know this is happening on his birthday because it’s his party. He laughed. But I am very proud of him. For a creative person he has none of the arrogant swagger people who can actually do something with their creativity are. He gets his teeth into a project and won’t turn loose until it’s finished. Though it is usually finished long before the company says it is with their final tweaks and adjustments. But he is patient. Something I know was the result of long hours of prayer and not a genetic trait inheritance.

So the car wreck. I had backed out of my driveway, put the car in drive and was transferring my foot from the brake to the gas pedal when >* BAM *< my across the street neighbor slammed her suv into my micro-Honda Civic. Lily gingerly rose from that side of the backseat and daintily moved to the other side. We were just on the way to the park for a nice afternoon walk.

I got out of the car and walked over to my neighbor’s car window. She asked me what do we do? I suggested we go through the insurance information, did she want to call police, I did not think it necessary. She took complete responsibility,  said to just let her know what it cost and we parted ways. It was both our fault, really, so I will split the cost in the end. Or pay for it myself. Whatever. It looks like one of those dents where some clever mechanic can take a big suction cup and pull the dent out. The quotes I have gotten so far start at $300. I am still looking for the suction-cup-mechanic guy.

It was a busy week. My house is under contract, the rest of the furniture has been delivered and my realtor came to visit to wish me well in my new home. In between I managed a Bible study, book luncheon and training at an animal sanctuary.

The highlights were two walks on two different beaches, same ocean. My very old and dear friend.

Maybe the coming week will be calmer.


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