Computers and health care

Used to be when you bought a pc (not so familiar with MACs) you could tell them what you wanted on it: RAM, software, firewalls, security programs, whatever. Basically build it yourself. Now it seems you take what you get when you buy it, anything else is almost prohibitively expensive. Oh, you can still build on what you initially buy, but additional memory boards, RAM– have to be added.

Not so with health coverage. Nowadays with this so-called obamacare whether you are male or female, or even not a woman of child-bearing age you have obstetric and gynecologic coverage. One size fits all, except we are not all one-sized. We are not all men, or women. Each of us ought to be able to customize our coverage according to our age, specific health needs, families, etc. But we can’t.

When that oversized gavel resoundingly slammed down on the historic massive podium in the venerable senate room the die was cast. I sat down with my Blue Cross rep and asked what I needed to do to not ever have to come under this non-coverage. He told me up until February 2010 I could do whatever I wanted to change or customize my plan. After that if I made any change to it I would no longer qualify under a grandfathered plan. I would no longer have access to the medical group to whom I have gone since I was 13 years old, as well as my immediate family, no longer qualify for the same coverage which accommodates my meager medical needs (I am in excellent health for a person my age) or hospitalization, should I ever need it. So I have not changed anything. I do not fall under the new health programs. My premiums have gone up more than usual but nothing like anyone who does fall under the new coverages. I am grateful. I don’t need it much but it’s good to have if I ever do.

I did have a conversation with a relatively young doctor not long ago about this monstrous encumbrance. He did not seem overly concerned. He seems to think whenever the next administration is rolled in things will change again indicating that every administration tweaks its own healthcare plans. That this, too, shall pass.

I hope he’s right.


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