Such a little tree….

So this little tree, a bradford pear my neighbor wanted gone because the roots ran over her yard and under my driveway. Well, it is now gone. As are its stump and roots. What is left are uneven, broken root-riddled mounds of sandy soil and somewhere in those depths a mangled and shredded cable.

I called Time Warner Friday when I realized what had happened. Stump-grinder guy did his work while I was away from home, probably doing my volunteering at the library. Anyway, my computer was working fine before I left. Everything showed a strong signal when I got home a couple of hours later but no response.

The cable company said they would send a technician Sunday morning between 7 and 8. He’d call first. Nobody called. I did and learned they had tried to call but did not have the right number. We got this straightened out with a few verbal pyrotechnics on my part and rescheduled. A tech came today and could not even begin to find the shredded cable so he put in a temporary line until the damage could be repaired. Which of course involves more damage: they will have to trench my yard, bore under my driveway and reattach a new line.

All because of a little tree.

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