Deer-in-headlights moment

Sometimes the unexpected happens.

So this morning after I did my volunteering I drove to the plant nursery where I spend a lot of time and money to return some flats boxes they could reuse. After that I decided to go ahead and mail my brother’s birthday package, so my dog Lily and I drove to the post office.

I got out of my car, took the package out of the trunk, turned to let Lily know I would be right back when all hell broke loose behind me. I was afraid there had been a car wreck in the parking lot only I hadn’t heard a crash, but 4 people were out of their vehicles, one a 4-door compact car, white, and perpendicular behind that was a pickup truck. There was a man behind the pickup truck brandishing something long and lethal looking, and he and the woman in the truck were yelling at the top of their lungs language I wouldn’t repeat anywhere at the 2 young men in the white car. Then everybody started yelling, same language, and I simply froze, clutching my little box in front of me. When the man with the long-stick thing crashed it down in the bed of his truck I turned back to my car but remembered I did not have my cell phone. There would be no calling the police, but they didn’t know this. So I turned back to watch without actually looking at anyone so they wouldn’t come after me, and something in me got me started praying. That they would calm down, that nobody gets hurt, that everybody would get back in their cars and leave.

And that is what happened. One last crashing of the long-stick thing in the truck bed, they got back into the vehicles. As the truck drove by, the woman flung a rather unkind expletive at me, which in the moment seemed so ridiculous it made me laugh, and when the 2 young men in the white car drove by I asked were they all right? They said they were, but they thought it was funny the other guy couldn’t fight like a big boy, that he was threatening them with an axe! I replied I had thought to call the police, there ought to be no axe threatening at the post office which made them laugh. Glad somebody found something funny!

I took my brother’s birthday present in to mail. Nobody raised an eyebrow. Maybe they have sound-proof windows. Axe-proof, too, I hope.

And I thought this was a sleepy little beach town.

My son thought this incident was blog-worthy. I told him ok, but probably any readers I might have would just think I’d made it up.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

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