So yesterday I was putzing around in my garden in the backyard, Lily, my husky-mix rescue supervising idly while the bees buzzed and the birds sang in the spring sunshine when behind me it sounded as if a kennel had opened its doors. I turned around to see a tripod pitbull tangling with Lily right behind me, and two atomic streaks going by just beyond them. So my first concern was to get Lily off the tripod, which I did only after he went up on the porch, had a drink from Lily’s water bowl and explored a moment. With Lily shut in the porch, frenzied barking, I turned to the task at hand.

It looked like dogs were everywhere. When my eyes and brain finally focused I could see 3 distinct dogs, tearing all over the place. The tripod went back into his yard easily next door, then a nondescript grizzled black dog followed and the last was what looked like a Benji-Yorkie mix busily peeing on the Shasta daisies I’d just planted.

He turned to see me about to start for him and, ears back dashed over to me as though he’d been looking for me his entire life and *finally!* found me. He stopped just at my feet and I slowly bent down to pick him up.

What a cuddle bug! He nuzzled into my shoulder and it was all I could do to put him in the yard with his buddies. I so wanted to keep this little dog!

His persons apparently were none the wiser. I resumed my digging and planting. Lily returned to her watch over her domain. About half an hour later the back door opened next door and the dogs were called inside.

Private drama.