For the most part I don’t have any. I do know we are not the only nation with crime, or horrific abuses or people or things to be ashamed of. I see and hear of such things all over the world. My immediate thought is never to condemn, or judge, or hang out to dry. It is sorrow. I do not think my or anyone else’s sorrow or compassion or empathy is hypocrisy. No, I never knew the persons involved, but I am also a part of humanity therefore can feel, can imagine even though it is not I to whom the thing occurred.

It isn’t my place to sneer or deride or scorn anyone or any country for anything that happens there. I have no idea of where they are, why it might have happened or any other circumstance, extenuating or otherwise, therefore am in no place to pontificate from some sort of imagined imperious throne. I do know evil exists, as well as I know good does.

I may not have known those people in Charleston but I know Charleston. It is a gracious city and though like so many places in the southern United States there are racial issues, it is not as severe as most. Because they want to resolve it. No one wants to destroy or negate anyone’s place. People there are more genuine, more reasonable than most.

But in the face of this most unreasonable, unfathomable, senseless, hardened unbelievable crime it is impossible not to cry over it. If for nothing else than the senselessness of it. The stupidity. That this child passed a background check for a gun is odd considering he had a pending charge against him. Again, I don’t know specific circumstances. I do know that the gun, though in the wrong hands, is not the culprit here. Taking guns out of the hands of good people will not save us from any bad people with guns. They will always find a way to get a gun. Or a knife. Or some weapon. Any place with more than 300 million persons is going to have some on extreme ends of the psychosis spectrum. I guess in the greater scheme of things we ought to take some solace in that there are not over 300 million such crimes every day.

But right now the families and friends of those 9 people in Charleston are only finding solace in this: each other and their beloved Jesus.

So please, before you condemn America and all Americans as being blood-thirsty rude rednecks if you pray to God at all, pray for us.


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