Summer days, shark attacks, sea turtles

So now there have been some serious shark attacks off these southern shores. Two young teens lost parts of limbs, a man just today was bit as he walked in out of the surf. Scientists are saying this is because we are having record numbers of sea turtles nesting this year. Well, maybe, but a couple of years ago we had way more than this year and not so many shark attacks.

You know what? it’s their world out there. We’re the intruders. If I go out to a forest I can’t be surprised to find a bear there, it’s his home, not mine.

Same with the ocean. Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish are washing up in odd places. Here, New Jersey. Those things burn like fire. They’ve been known to kill a person. Well guess what. It’s their home, too. That they are washing up to warn us instead of lurking out in the waves is a kindness if you ask me. At least we can see them. At least we know they’re out there.

Everything has some potential danger to it. Take the recent change in human laws. You can see same-sex marriage as some sort of progressive move forward. Or you can see it as opening opportunities for more people to be persecuted or prosecuted for standing firm in their faith.

It’s all a matter of preference folks. If somebody won’t bake you a cake, find another bakery.


2 thoughts on “Summer days, shark attacks, sea turtles

  1. Funny that you should mention the shark attack thing. My wife and daughters were trying to convince me that the odds would be against me getting attacked by a shark when we go to the beach. My reply was this: “I can assure you with the utmost certainty that I will never be attacked by a shark – ever.”

    • They don’t come clear up on shore, but they do swim into the occasional tidal pool at low tide. Yes, staying out of the water it’s a sure bet they won’t get you there! Thanks for your comment.

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