Old Glory, Stars and Bars, Stars and Stripes… these present days some individuals seem inclined to take their hatred against whites, rich people, laws, parents, truth, grace, hope, faith or whatever they are currently hating out on the flag. The flag that represents everything this country fought to establish for itself in its short-lived history: 239 years ago today.

The 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies. The stars each represents one state. The color red stands for valor and hardiness. White, innocence and purity. The blue: justice, insistence, alertness.

Justice for all, the last words in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, used to mean just that. We each looked out for the other, not only ourselves. When circumstances got out of balance we called in someone with wisdom to help restore equilibrium. Nowadays that wise person is usually found in teams of maybe not-so-wise lawyers, thrashing it out because 2 people could not or would not work things out between themselves and perhaps thought to do a bit of gouging of the other in the process. Who can appear the more beleaguered?

Our fighting within our own borders has escalated to epic proportion. Most of the fighting is simple destructiveness. Once chaos occurs demons run amok, let’s see how much looting and terrorizing and burning and destroying we can do before the police/powers-that-be get hold of the situation.

Yet that flag still flies from its standard. It is inanimate. Its destruction, desecration now permitted by a Supreme Court ruling only shreds fabric. Mere thread, dye, nothing more. But what it represents will always exist. Maybe not in the United States of America, maybe nowhere on this planet. But those principles, truths, standards, values– whatever you might call them. They will exist forever. They existed before we were around to give them names. They will remain long after we are gone.

I hope we can get them back.

(Information on the American flag from http://www.mapsofworld.com/flags/united-states-flag.html)