Chameleon capers

Probably more something like gecko gambols or skink skaters. Whatever these little lizards are they fascinate my rescue husky mix Lily.

They first started showing up late spring when I put meal worms out for the nesting blue birds. There were 2 mainly, a smaller one and the larger one who was molting. Anyway, anytime I went out into the backyard or even on the sun porch which I have to go through to get to the backyard Lily is pushing her way out the door to dash into the yard scouting for these little guys.

They aren’t afraid, either. She can be 2-3 inches away, they are camouflaging themselves in the bright green cardinal vine while Lily pokes between the flower pots on the patio. When I realized they were hoping for a meal worm or two I began putting a few on the porch stairs and posts. Shortly after Lily and I return to the house one or both of them will slowly creep out from under the steps, checking to see the coast is clear, then clamber up to where these little roasted worms are and begin chowing down.

Then can really put them away, too. No matter how many of those worms I put they eat them. Every so often if I haven’t put any out I will see one of the little creatures hanging out on the railing waiting for the meal.

These are good guys to have around. They also eat ants, flies, spiders and other annoying bugs. After they have had their fill of whatever it is they eat besides these worms they do their little calisthenics– push-ups, and ballooning the pink skin under their chins with happy thoughts.

I hope some bird doesn’t make a meal of these nicely fattened little guys.

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