Hurricanes and random thoughts

There is what NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) is calling a tiny hurricane in the southeast Atlantic. This one’s name is Danny. It formed a few days ago and appears to be headed straight for Puerto Rico, then likely to Haiti, a place that can no more stand a hurricane than the breeze from a passing butterfly’s wings.

So far the national hurricane center claims this storm is no threat to land. Well no, not normal land but Haiti isn’t normal. Their entire infrastructure, what they had of one, crumbled in their 2010 earthquake. Nearly all monies that poured into the country in the aftermath in the way of aid some believe was confiscated by their government and never seen again, thus there is virtually no reconstruction. A few churches persist in taking members there to help patch together what they can but even they are expected to grease the palms of officials upon entry.

So this hurricane. It has already begun weakening and isn’t anywhere near any land. It might not be a problem anywhere anymore. But even mildly flooding rains will wreak havoc on Haiti. And evidently the entire Caribbean has been experiencing pretty serious drought so that much rain does more harm than good coming in very fast, driving rains which won’t soak the soil, just wash it away.

I don’t believe the global warming hype. Oh, I believe our gaseous emissions, polluting by our own thoughtlessness have in no way helped but I also believe in the cycle of things. We aren’t helping as I said but our closing all the coal plants or using corn as fuel rather than oil and gas is simply a trade-off. Consumption always produces by-product, every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

So do we stop moving, breathing, thinking? ;


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