You know that saying if you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans? He must be laughing.

This past Saturday was one of those lovely slow mornings where you think it’s going to be a cushy day full of enjoyable moments and slow relaxing. 7 a.m. my cell bings and it’s my son, at an urgent care in pain waiting for a CT scan. We texted back and forth a few moments till he was being seen. So I called my brother. Sister-in-law answered, I felt terrible knowing in Texas it’s 6 in the morning, apologize for waking her, tell her what’s going on. She asks where is he, I gave her the cross-streets which at that point was all I had. Wait, I say, I’ll ask him.

He gives me the name, says it’s a new place. I call my sister-in-law back, she’s dressing to go over there. God bless her! She is not particularly a morning person but sure was a blessing to me at that very moment, and my son.

I texted my son, right away he comes back: “She’s here, that was fast!” So they sit together and wait for the CT results.

And I sit here 500 + miles away.

Acute appendicitis, not horrible but bad enough and very painful. Ambulance is called. I text my son: “I am coming.” Wondering, is this necessary? He will be fine, doesn’t need me (the worst words a mom can think to herself about a child).

“OK,” comes the response. I am now at a park chatting with a friend about all this. Still shaking because I am not there, she looks very concerned, reinforces my thought that he’ll do fine without my being there, being considerate of the fact that I just moved to a new place, am still unsettled.

But this is my child. Thirty-five years old, still my child.

Calling my vet, yes by some miracle they do have a spot for my Lily rescue dog, on Labor Day weekend.

Delta whisks me through the reservation, gives me a medic rate, I give them the hospital phone number for verification.

I don’t think any flights have ever been easier in my entire life, even with a connection in Atlanta.

Still, this is a very simple surgery, he doesn’t really need me.

Sister-in-law generously offers their guest room to me. Gratefully I accept hoping I am not such an inconvenience, short notice like this.

She meets me with my niece at the airport. At the hospital there is my son, post-surgery, still weak but looking well, skin is warm to the touch but not clammy. That’s all I wanted. Lay eyes and hands on my child.

I stay an hour maybe, by the generosity of my sister-in-law. I know she is tired. Besides watching my son carefully, scrutinizing doctors and medical people for me, keeping by him with his girlfriend throughout this very trying day she takes her daughter to swim practice and does the various thousand other things a mother of a pre-teen does on any given weekend. And yet she allows me as much time as I need to assure myself that despite absence of appendix my son is whole, mending.

Unexpected. The hospital gives Bill their blessing and his walking papers on Sunday mid-day. His girlfriend whisks him away. My sister-in-law and I go to visit him that afternoon while his girlfriend goes out to pick up the meds the hospital prescribed for post-op/recovery and a few groceries. He is moving slowly, still reeling a bit, coming back from the suddenness of it all.

His girlfriend returns, we exit.

Unplanned. Unbidden. Unwanted. Unavoidable. Blessings come in all sorts of disguises.

Thank You God for taking such good care of my son, of me, of my brother, sister-in-law and niece.


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