Sounds really gross. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought until it started melting my eye.


Yesterday while putzing around with my iPad I suddenly see this indelible marker-like black streak in my lower left periphery. I ignored it until it became too annoying to function. I looked in a mirror, was it something attached to the outside of my eye?? No. I know about floaters and stuff your eye starts doing as we age but I’d never seen anything like this. So I decided it was the iPad’s fault and went to do the laundry. Walking in the dark laundry room I start seeing flashes in that eye with the dark streaks. This bothered me enough to call the eye doctor.

Waiting for them to return the call I tried reading the paper, no good, then just played with husky-mix rescue Lily. Nothing diverted enough away from this thing. They finally call back. I am given a 2:00 appointment.

Absolutely positive this is something requiring hospitalization I went through a brief eye exam then they gave those drops that expand your pupil to the extremities of the iris taking in enough light to blind an owl.

Looking up, sideways, down, left right, diagonally. The doctor hands me a piece of paper outlining things that, should they happen with my eye I must call their office immediately. He explained this phenomenon:

The eye is filled with a gel-like fluid (vitreous). As we age, 90% of us will experience the liquefying of this gel stuff (melting eye), the black streaks are shadows created by the melting of it. Not exactly certain as to the physics of this shadow-seeing phenomenon. “Is it a rite of passage?” I ask, hopefully.

“Not exactly,” replies the doctor.

“But it’s normal,” I squeak.

“Sort of.”

“Why is it only one eye?” getting braver here.

“They don’t always do this at the same time.”

Great. I may have this to look forward to all over again. At least I’ll know what it is. Or maybe the right eye will be in the other 10%.

Well, his nurse didn’t bolt out the door to call the hospital so I am guessing I will still be able to see for at least the foreseeable (pun unavoidable) future.

But liquefying gel? In my eye? Will it shrink? Will I have sunken eye? So far nothing appears to have changed, on the outside.

Somehow I’d rather only see this part of it. Not wanting to see the inner workings here, just wanting it all to keep working!

I have to go back in 4 weeks for a recheck.