Usually it’s  upside-down. The difference for me is the upside is still up, the downside is trying to be up without all the life work that goes along with it.

I’m sick of hearing these whiny ivy-league and other college students complaining that they are the reason colleges and universities exist. Really?? You mean by virtue of the grace of your presence or your (often government-paid) tuition payments? Or do you mean your fresh outlook that no one has ever thought of before because you just did and don’t realize that your thought has been disproved through the millennia which is why it is not really a fresh thought, only to you.

Guess what? Remember when your mom said not to touch that hot burner on the stove and instead of taking her word for it you touched it and got burned? That’s what happens even when you get bigger. So you’re in college now. Well, good for you. And you did this all yourself, right? Wrong, dearie. Your parents fed, clothed, sheltered, protected and educated you throughout your entire life. Sure, maybe your brain processed it all but without their tender, loving money and care would you be where you are?

Not likely.

You may believe you are something special and a gift to the world. In a way yes, you do have gifts, abilities unique to yourself. But so does everybody else. The thing is we all offer them back after so many years of having been cared for, fed, clothed, sheltered. That’s how it works. And if we are fortunate enough to be good enough we actually even get paid for our abilities: teachers, architects, writers, economists, accountants, landscapers, whatever we find we enjoy doing and are good at.

So, back to that stove. Be careful how far out on the limb you elect to crawl. Everything has a breaking point.

You’d hate to find yourself with nothing left to cash in. Then you’d really have to go to work.


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