One of the places my husky-dog rescue mix Lily likes to go for her walks is a pond about 2 miles from our house. There is a paved pathway around it which is interesting enough, but Lily much prefers to  go off-road so to speak. She has found several wooded paths that lead above this pond into a thicket where some neighborhood atv-drivers have carved sandy roadways.

The smells are better up there. She often chases a lizard or stops to inspect a deer hoof-print. She dives into the brambles after –? a rabbit? fox? something that always manages to evade her.

Not long ago we noticed surveyor’s stakes, so I asked a fellow-walker what that was about.

“Likely an extension of the greenway,” replied one. “Probably just clearing underbrush,” mused another.

Neither is true. After a few days out of town recently we returned to find everything cleared. Probably 5 or so acres denuded of trees, saplings, wild blueberries, underbrush where we heard a covey of quail last summer amiably whistling to each other… bob-white? bob-white?

Development. Progress. Civilization.

We much prefer wilderness.


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