Labyrinths and paper bags

I have walked labyrinths before. These are not to be confused with a maze. A labyrinth does not have dead ends or blind alleys. They are not meant to confuse or frustrate but to clarify and create.

A labyrinth has one path, circuitous but it will eventually lead the traveler to the center, metaphorically following one’s own journey to the center of the mind, or heart, or creativity. Once there sit in silence, contemplative. When ready follow the pathway back out bringing new insight and a transformed spirit into the world. That’s the theory.

I could not find my way out of the produce section.

Honestly. It’s true. I picked up bananas, kiwi, bagged spinach (washed 3 times!) then got as far as the exotic fruits aisle and stopped. I kept looking back as if I’d meant to find something else but my mind was a complete blank. This never happened before.

I know I hit a new decade my last birthday. I know my schedule these days is busier than when I worked. But no one should get stuck in produce. I can normally find my way out of a paper bag. I suppose there are worse places to be mentally lost– a tire store, for example.

Finally a kind woman preparing and packaging chopped fruit looked out at me. “Do you need some help?”

Thinking fast I reply, “I’m having one of those days!” Then went on with some inane story about something else I’d forgotten or mixed up earlier in the day as some kind of validation, laughed it off like it was no big deal and rolled my cart onward.

Maybe that was all I needed. Somebody outside the ball of confusion that presently was my brain to jolt me out of it. Whatever. I managed to get through the rest of my shopping.

Carrying my totes out to the car I realized I’d forgotten eggs.

I remembered the turkey, though.

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