New friends, old places

My husky-mix rescue dog Lily and I have a favorite walking place just a few miles north of where we live. It is a huge nature preserve next to a farm-animal rescue. So as we begin our walk we are likely to hear any manner of farm sound– sheep bleating, goats arguing, donkeys braying, horses whinnying, ducks, geese, chickens, pigs… you name it. If it belongs on a farm likely they have them.

We used to visit here only a few times a week but now that dogs are no longer welcome on the beaches for the summer season we have been visiting out there more frequently. This afternoon we found dappled sun on the trails and new leaves sprouting on the cypress that circle a mill pond there. As we started across the bridge over the pond a small dark sheltie dog trotted out to greet us. You’d have thought we were long lost friends. He was so courteous, so cheery in his greeting. His person was sitting looking out over the pond and we struck up a little small talk, all the while his little dog prancing and stepping in and around as we chatted. We continued our conversation as we began walking the last part of one of the trails back to where the cars were parked, stopping now and then to encourage his little dog whose name was Riser I learned, to keep up.

He was having none of it. Happy to continue on at his own pace. He showed no concern for being left behind. At one point his person saw no trace of him looking back on the trails so we waved a farewell as he set out to find where his dog had got to.

That’s the way to enjoy a walk. Not a care about who is where, or are you within sight. Just meander. Look at this flower, sniff under this new leaf… wonder where this little pathway goes…

Being lost in the beauty and majesty of nature.


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