Out of the ordinary

So this Master Gardener class was pretty much geared toward the average homeowner-gardener, people like me who enjoy perennials and shrubs, pretty flowers, and trees that frame a yard, give a little color and are low maintenance.

What I wish there had been a little more of in our classes were native wildflowers that are not often cultivated but seen on a woodland walk. Things like



or Jack-in-the-pulpit…

DSCN0124 - Copy (2).JPG

or sassafras

DSCN0130 (2).JPG

or wild ginger–

DSCN0128 (2).JPG

These, although common are easily missed when enjoying a sun-speckled walk in spring when there is so much happening– new leaves on trees, birds singing their hearts out and rabbits coming out of their cozy warrens.

Even a new friend


for husky-mix rescue, Lily. Please meet “Lulu” a little one-and-a-half year old who-knows-what mix that we met at PetSmart this afternoon. We are only fostering her at the moment mind you, but we hope Lily and Lulu can come to some sort of understanding so the friendship can grow. They are both very sweet puppies, on their own, so time will tell if they can accept each other and live happily as friends.

We’ll see…



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