So I went to the pet store a week ago to pick up some of Lily’s favorite treats. Every weekend there are pet adoptions there and we walked over to where the puppies and dogs were. There, by herself in a crate was a little white dog with a black face. She looked so much like my little rescue dog Murphy I thought for a minute it was Murphy. But she was very sweet, so playful. I asked the lady if I could foster her for a week. She said to come back at the end of the day, if Lulu was still there I could foster her. I said I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be there if I left without her so the lady said I could take her right then.

Thank you.

DSCN0137 (2).JPG

The first thing Lulu did was confiscate all of Lily’s toys. She especially loved the squeaky ones. Now mind you, Lily has ignored her toys since the day I bought them. Every one of them. But now that Lulu wanted them they were precious to her. Well she had to get over that, and she did.

Next Lulu appropriated every bed in the house that belongs to Lily, which would be 6 beds. Lily was not happy at all but eventually once she saw that I found ways to encourage Lulu to sit on one while Lily could have another it all worked out.

I discovered that long walks in the woods or on trails is a good way to encourage camaraderie between dogs who are strangers. This works well, especially when one of the dogs is friendly, playful and wide open about life and all things new. Lulu is this dog. Lily loves life, but not when it encroaches on all she knows and loves. Still, she was open to this new friendly little dog.


So this week also was the week the Arboretum, where I’ve just finished the Master Gardener program is having their annual plant sale. They needed lots of help, and people to staff the plant clinic. I had signed on for this for a couple of shifts which put me out of the house for 3-hour stretches. Praying that I would not return home to blood spatters and wounded souls I managed to get through these as well as a tour of a local historic garden to find all quiet on the home front and 2 pair of beady eyes very happy to see me.

Today I returned to the pet store to properly adopt Lulu and was told by the very kind and friendly lady that 3 others had asked for Lulu after she, Lily and I had embarked upon our foster week. She added I was very lucky that she had agreed to allow me to foster her.

Yes, and I thank her.

DSCN0147 (2).JPG



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