My rescue dog Lily’s new rescue sister dog Lulu has a lot of energy. Her little body galvanizes into action before her brain can say, “wait, no, is this a good idea? is that a huge dog over there that might have me as a snack? or that car? a collision with it probably would be a bad thing…”

So I enclosed my backyard.

Not that my yard is anything large but Lulu finds her way out of it before I know it. And across the street to chat with my neighbor who’s dead-heading her roses, or down the road to check out whatever that interesting smell is, or over two neighbors’ lawns to go after that squirrel.

Anyway, now she can’t do much of anything except chase squirrels in her own backyard of which there is no shortage, or those little lizards that keep both her and Lily occupied for hours. Just staring at it.

I went out on the beach Thursday because my feet complained they had not yet felt the sun-warmed soft sand between their toes or the cool ocean waves washing over them. Arrived round 10:30 a.m. so I found a parking spot. A sprinkling of sun worshipers, swimmers and cautious waders. Some shell seekers, frisbee throwing but no bocce yet. I walked to the end of the island, the tide coming in, and basked in the sparkling blue water’s frothy waves lapping the shore. The roped-off avian estuary was busy with birds arranging their nurseries to welcome their chicks, and the island’s  (so far) one turtle nest rested comfortably, waiting the 60 days for incubation.

I ambled back to my car and was astonished that, in the hour I spent enjoying the beach cars were now lined up from the center of the island out to beyond the causeway to begin the kick-off to their summer holiday weekend.

So we are having tropical storm 2 arrive sometime this afternoon. Landfall somewhere between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC, but close enough so we’ve been  having a lot of wind. And the thousands who have surged to the beaches to celebrate Memorial Day learned yesterday they cannot go in the ocean because of rip currents. Never stops the surfers though.

This morning was bright and breezy, big white puffy clouds skimming the sky. A beautiful morning. This afternoon the breezes have calmed, the sky is a solid grey, pendulous with thick humidity.

Even the air is waiting.

Not much a fence can do about a storm.