Some days there should be those orange warning cones around me. Seriously. There are days when whatever I say, whatever I do sends people seeking cover. Times like this tell me I need to come apart before I fall apart.

So I go to the Cove in the mountains near Asheville, NC.

This trip as most I hiked to the summit overlook. I saw lovely wildflowers–


and a couple of warnings:


and I stopped many times because I was going up a mountain. Finally I saw

GEDC0063.JPG so I knew I would soon get to see

GEDC0073.JPG  and   GEDC0071.JPG

Sitting there I found all the things that had me all tied up in knots seemed so insignificant, somehow.

Coming down you are using a whole different set of muscles. These are the ones that, when you reach the bottom and rest a while tighten up to the point where you look like you are in a 3-legged race only both of your legs are in the burlap sack.

GEDC0082.JPG  This is harder than it looks.

This was the inn where I stayed GEDC0094.JPG , and this is the main building where conferences are held, and the dining room, and this lovely stone deck–  GEDC0098.JPG

I recommend it. I try to go there a couple of times a year. Incredible food, lovely people, a beautiful place in the mountains.

And a stone chapel    GEDC0091.JPG