One week

Somewhere I got lost in a readjustment. This week was at least a month long. It used to be that way whenever not much was going on. Boredom stretches days into little eternities but this week was filled with all sorts of things, some planned some not yet instead of speeding by it seems as if it’s been forever since I last did laundry, even though a sock count assures me it was only 6 days.

My rescue dogs, husky-mix Lily and terrier-mix Lulu have no idea what I’m talking about.

I can leave for a 40-minute bike ride and get a greeting as though I’d abandoned them with no food, water or outside relief for weeks. Yet I can go out with friends for lunch or do some volunteering at the library or plant clinic and barely get a notice when I walk in the door.

Well, not exactly, basically it’s the same welcome, but the backdoor rug isn’t as likely to be balled up for a 3 or 4 hour absence as it is for a half an hour.

I wonder what I’d see if I installed security cameras. I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t watch them until I get home. My brother and his family have put a camera on the front of their house so they can see not only the front door but the side door and the driveway. I know this because they showed me a notification from their phone where the UPS guy was filmed bringing a package. I guess they have to call someone to go get the package so it doesn’t just sit there. They can also talk to the guy through their phone. They joked about putting one in the house near their dogs’ crates, but I talked them out of it. How cruel! Talking to the dogs like invisible people. They’d go nuts looking for them.

So Lily and Lulu. Do they go from door to window, all over the house? Do they just wait at whatever door they think I will come through until I do come back? Sometimes I go out the back door and come home through the garage. They are usually waiting for me there, not at the door I left from.


The house I moved from I’d had a puppy door installed on the back kitchen door. The yard was fenced in which meant nothing to escape-artist Lily, but even if she escaped the fence she didn’t go anywhere. Sometimes she’d wander across the street to visit the neighbors but generally she just hung out at the front door. This is how I knew she’d got out.

Here, though, the back door is wood-framed glass and goes out to a sun porch. So I’d need 2 puppy doors, or just leave the sun porch door open. Some neighbors had a puppy door custom made and brought theirs to me when they moved because they didn’t want to sell their house with it for some reason and thought I might like to have it. Thoughtful of them but something happened when they removed it and the frame basically was in pieces so for me it was unusable. But I’m not away so much that they’d need a puppy door anyway. Except when the neighbor dogs go outside, then Lulu likes to go to the fence and raise all kinds of noise telling them they’d better not try to go over to her yard.

Still, I’d rather be here than go someplace and spend the whole time worrying about them.

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