My mind has been completely unfocused lately. So this post likely will be some kind of hodgepodge, miscellany, an “olla podrida”. That last descriptor was the title of the yearbook at the prep school where my brother graduated. It has basically 2 definitions: first, some sort of Spanish stew with lots of chick peas and the second is hodgepodge. Which is anything but what those boys (now a coed school) were. They were for the most part very intelligent, well-grounded, highly socialized gentlemen who graduated mostly knowing exactly what rockets they would fly as they soared to change the world.

My life these days is definitely not that. If it ever was.

Maybe it’s the election, or my recent disappointing dentist’s appointment, my recent worst-haircut-ever, or that it’s fall –a season I look forward to but this year thanks to hurricane preoccupation it came before I could prepare for it, savor its coming — or maybe something in my brain that simply has not surfaced yet.

So I take rescue dogs Lily and Lulu every day for their walks, either to the beach or the nature preserve. The recent visit to the beach I waded out farther than Lulu’s calculated retractable leash could reach and thanks to a rogue incoming wave she got a good dunking. It wasn’t until I felt vigorous yanking at the other end that I turned to see her attempting to leap out of her harness and fly over the offending wave. I scrambled back over the water to gently pick her up and carry her to drier sand. I think for her the worst of it was the rinsing of the hose before we got back in the car to go home. She has gotten a little more used to gentle toweling so that went better than usual.

When you adopt a new rescue dog there is really no way of knowing what they have lived through. Sometimes the rescuer can tell you something about their lives, but that is only what they have been told unless they actually saw what they lived with. So each day Lulu shows me something she does not like.

After the storm we were picking up the (very minor) debris in the yard and she shied away to a great distance when I picked up a long stick. Mental note: someone may have threatened her. At least I hope that’s all it was.

Husky-mix rescue Lily loves to be toweled after a bath or getting caught in the rain. It’s like a huge rub-down. Lulu runs frantically evading the whole process until, once she sees it is a gentle patting dry she calms down. Each time it is a little easier to catch her, but still.

She won’t eat her food if Lily is standing behind her, or if there is a storm, or if I in any way indicate that I am in a hurry.  Maybe her rescue, that had many dogs besides Lulu, let each fend for themselves and being kind of small and very polite Lulu got whatever was left. If that.

She is beginning to love to greet people though, something she did not take any interest in at the first but I have noticed on our walks she will go out of her way to see whether a fellow walker will reach down to pet her or say hello.

Some things take time. Like pulling thoughts back into focus.

Maybe by next week the other brain-shoe will drop.