favorite quote: Day 1

Normally something like this would reduce me to quivering puddles of sweat but I so enjoy the blog written by *Not Easily Broken* (aka unbreakableyetfragile.com) that I am honored by the invitation. The rules are as follows:


My Quote for today, Day 1:

Consider occasionally the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.                          —Albert Schweitzer


I always attributed this quote primarily to the treatment of animals. Even before I knew who said it. Schweitzer, theologian, prolific author (The Quest of the Historical Jesus, Civilization and Ethics among many others) was a medical missionary in Africa founding a hospital in French equatorial Africa and later being sent with his wife to a French internment camp in 1917. Upon release he returned to Africa and expanded the hospital and lived the remainder of his life there.


Excerpted: (https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1952/schweitzer-bio.html)


Nominees: Angelagriffin.wordpress.com, unshakeablehope.wordpress.com, Uncletreeshouse.com

2 thoughts on “favorite quote: Day 1

  1. Amen to that quote, Ekurie! 🙂

    People get bored after some certain amount of peaceful time.
    That’s why it can only last so long.
    We’ll have more than enough rest and peace once we’re dead.
    Why hurry it along? — Uncle Tree

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