Vacations are a time of rest, refreshment, regrouping, regeneration, renewal, restoration, reuniting. A time to reconnect with old friends

IMG_0378.JPG       IMG_0412.JPG

And new ones

IMG_0372.JPG          IMG_0495.JPG


IMG_0471.JPGAnd IMG_0295.JPG renewing promises to ourselves and to our family and friends.

Learning new things and new thoughts

IMG_0411.JPG and realizing that, no matter what, no matter how tangled, complicated, mundane or jaded things become there is a new opportunity with each new day


to reconnect with our childlike dreams, our impressions, our perceptions


and remember what we love, what makes us alive, happy, connected to our first love


and to shine from the inside again.


Statuary photographs taken at Brookgreen Gardens, Pawley’s Island, SC.