Trump Confounds the Left and They Just Don’t Get It [Video]

Truth, in this case, helps. Some honest observations, reblogged.


In the first half of President Trump’s first term, political and cultural turmoil has seemed the norm. The consensus of opinion is that America is a ‘divided country.’ One can read that phrase in every news outlet from Left to Right these days.

However, far fewer would agree about the reason for the hostilities. The conservative would say the Left’s juvenile and violent behavior is the reason.

The Left would blame, surprise, (sarc) President Trump. In a manner, both of them are correct.

Blame could be assigned to the president because he has chosen to resist the mantra of the Left. He doesn’t fall into line as Republican Presidents have before.

In that manner, Trump is guilty of confounding the Left and motivating them to stir division and hatred, all the while blaming him for their actions.

Trump Confounds the Left

Inset.image. Donald John Trump truly confounds the Leftist Political…

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6 thoughts on “Trump Confounds the Left and They Just Don’t Get It [Video]

  1. I’ve long been astonished at the absolute inability of the left to understand why Trump won. And I find it terribly amusing to watch him manipulate the press – and watch them fall for it every single time.

    • And that their ignorance in some cases results in stubborn hatred is kind of terrifying. However obama managed his win in 2012 (I personally witnessed electronic voter machine fraud as a poll watcher, and the election board shuttered 3 different machines on one day), none of his opposition behaved in any aberration like we are seeing today.

  2. It’s frankly terrifying. I’ve been unfriended by people I’ve known for years because I said something that went against their political views. No discussion, nothing but name calling and bam, you’re gone. One of my cousins recently told me I’m a horrible person because I asked her how many of the “refugees” in the “caravan” she was planning on taking into her home. The incredible willingness to believe anything horrible about someone just astonishes me. And it frightens me because people are afraid to speak out against things that are morally wrong and are being shoved down our throats as “normal.”

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